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Interior Blonde

Without a doubt the hippest mom on the block. Katrien, aka Interior Blonde, lives in a renovated factory
with a ‘soft co-housing’ arrangement. (read: she actually knows, and likes, her neighbours)

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Katrien started in a company as an accountmanager. She realized there that interior really can have an effect on your whole ‘being’. During her sabbatical she started blogging and worked her way up, Katrien now works as an interiordecorator that will help you create a space you feel comfortable in. From plan to plant.

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Katrien lives with Juliette, her seven year old daughter. Together they enjoy the view on the pool, winter and summer.

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'I design from plan to plant, I do it all!'

Katrien believes that interior has a big effect on your own mood and recognizes how important this is.

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Published in Nina magazine