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Copy of Laura & Pieter Jan


Story filled

Laura and Pieter Jan both are from Avelgem, where they stuck around and now live in a big renovated house with two sons,
a bunch of pets and a lot of stories.

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‘We got to know each other when Pieter Jan was just done rebuilding this house, a big renovation that just wasn’t a real home yet. Then we got into the hobby of visiting second-hand shops and flea markets!’
- Laura

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The crow was a lucky one… The father of Pieter Jan got it from someone who was on his way to throw it out with the trash.

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'The acapulco garden set came double by accident… we just ‘forgot’ to send one set back.'

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‘A combination of heirlooms, treasures

and gifts'

Otis is already the fifth generation that sleeps in
this wooden bed. It almost got ruined in the war,
when they bombed the house!

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When your house is filled with second-hand treasures, gifts
and heirlooms, everything has a personal story. The whole family knows how much Pieter Jan and Laura love their vintage decoration and furniture, so everybody tries to look out for hidden findings all around. Never too many eyes!


Pieter Jan is an artist, he creates paintings in the studio upstairs in the attic. Already Otis, their oldest son, is starting to join him on painting sessions. Find out more about Pieter Jan’s artwork and exhibitions here.

The studio is completely white and filled with books and curiosities. Showing that it doesn’t take an old dark room to
make a real ‘wunderkammer’.