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Maaike & Teun


Studio Gaston

Maaike is an interior designer and has Studio Gaston, based near Leuven.

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A combination of timeless taste and some vintage furniture, finished with colourful details show everything that Studio Gaston,
Maaike’s brainchild, stand for.

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'It was a challenge to find a material that could work as a work-top and as floor, to connect all the spaces better. We instantly fell in love with terrazzo!' 

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'Our kitchen is a bit of an Ikea hack: all the cabinets are Ikea but we combined it with the custom made granito tablet to give it that design look.'

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'We never seem to take the easy way'

Read the article with Maaike and Teun in De Morgen Magazine here, where they talk more about
their new home.

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“We bought this house as a challenge for Studio Gaston,
my own interior design studio. It had to be completly renovated, this scared a lot of other interested buyers, but we took on
the challenge to make it our own.

Every space had to be re-thought, stripped and build back up;
in only a year we managed to turn it into the home where Gaston is ruler of the house.”