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Melissa & Jan


Studio Fijn

Melissa and Jan are highschool-sweethearts and live, together with their son Sem, outside the city.
She is a fantastic wedding-photographer and hosts workshops in her very own home, as Studio Fijn.

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Melissa and Jan, true high school sweethearts, stayed right in the very same village where they grew up. It’s a small town,
but the couple have big things happening. They opened Studio Fijn right from their own home, a creative space for workshops
where you can make everything hip from ceramics to plant-hangers. 

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If you don’t catch her taking amazing wedding-photos, you will find Melissa hanging out with Jan and their son Sem for some quality time.

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'Work is never far,
good thing we love it!'

Melissa and Jan made part of their home the workspace for 'Studio Fijn'.

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Melissa also recently made her
very first book, on ceramics,
that you can buy here!


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